Eagle Tattoo Design

    Eagle tattoos are common choices for men and women who serve as police, firefighters, soldiers, or other service members.
    Eagles are also often accompanied by banners word, especially if the tattoo is done as a memorial or tribute to someone. Words such as freedom, strength and freedom are popular choices to add banners or below a tattoo of an eagle.
    Images of eagles have played an important role in the history of many different lands, appearing in several emblems.
    In ancient Greece, the eagle was worshiped and associated with the sun god, whereas in Norse mythology, the eagle is said to be associated with the god Odin, representing wisdom.
    In Native American cultures, the eagle free spirit, is deeply revered and his feathers were often a sign of pride, security and friendship.

    Eagle tattoos can be done in many different and creative ways be found almost anywhere in the body.

    The most common area for this type of tattoo is the upper arm, followed by the shoulders and upper back area and bottom.

    The back is a great spot for the designs of eagles with their wings fully extended, as if in flight. If the design is big enough, detailed feathers are often the main feature of the tattoo, which gives a more realistic eagle.

    Eagles also can do as smaller designs with only the bird's head, or even be done in all black tribal style.

    You can also work in your leg or bracelets, or as part of another design.

    Some eagles are tattooed in flight, like a dive on their prey with sharp claws, and of course the Internet and many tattoo shops are filled with images of the majestic eagle in different poses.

    If patriotism is an integral part of the tattoo, red, white and blue are the colors featured in addition to the various shades of brown and beige for the eagle itself.

    An eagle can also be incorporated into the origins and nature mountain scenes, or with other types of wildlife.

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Eagle Tattoo Design

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